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Dear staff,

Makerere University was recently ranked highly (3rd in Africa) by the prestigious Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014-2015.However,we may not achieve a similar rank for our web-visibility despite our huge potential.

Excellent web-visibility requires much more than an ICT platform/infrastructure and websites and will take our collective efforts to achieve.

While some have argued that web-visibility doesn't denote the true academic prowess of the institution,it's nonetheless very important especially in this digital age were being visible online carries with it lots of benefits (increased potential donors,research collaborations etc).

It's therefore imperative that each staff participates in improving the University's web-visibility by doing some of the following;

1) Publishing more research in high impact journals.

2) Publishing more research in Open Access Journals.

3) Submit research publications to the Makerere Institutional repository ( The main Library recently communicated about training staff on how to submit their publications to the repository.

4) Update content on your staff website, including your photos,publications section and link your staff website to your college/unit social media page (twitter and facebook)

5) Regularly use social media to drive traffic to your college/unit website.Each College has an official facebook and twitter page.These are administered by your college web-administrator and/or communications officer.Posting a link to your content on the college facebook page will drive traffic to the college website.