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Streamlining ICT Service Management within the University

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Dear Staff,

In order for DICTS to better plan for ICT services as well as improve their management across the University,it's important that we are in the know of all Information Systems and other ICT services running at various colleges/units of the University and that before you attempt deploying any Information System or ICT service at your college/unit,you seek the indulgence of DICTS for advise on required standards as well as the likely impact the service might have on cross-cutting ICT services should it require access to the University-wide network.

ICT personnel at colleges/units are therefore requested to submit an approved list of all Information Systems running at their colleges plus their ownership,purpose and management details.The purpose of this information is not to suffocate the systems,but rather to be in the know of all ICT services running and to advise on best ways of managing and improving their performance.However going forward, DICTS intends to fully enforce the implementation of all ICT Policies and you are therefore advised to consult DICTS if you plan on deploying any local ICT service at the college or unit.

The Makerere University ICT Service Management Policy provides for the centralized management, responsibility and support of ALL ICT related matters within the University through DICTS. Therefore in line with the said Policy,DICTS will not permit any ICT service or system developed or procured without it's guidance to access the university network and on several occasions,the director DICTS has not given approval for such systems to access university ICT resources.You are all therefore advised to adhere to University ICT policies for the betterment of ICT Service Management. Please click link below and view ICT Service Management
Policy brief on page 21 for details.

DICTS annually plans and budgets for the operation and maintenance of cross-cutting ICT services such as Internet,Enterprise security solution,Financial Systems and the licensing of various core information systems and services across the University. DICTS would very much prefer to be involved in the budgeting process of ICT services at the user unit level,however due to budgetary constraints,this is not possible.Even the maintenance of core ICT services and the backbone network infrastructure ,is still a challenge. Therefore given the current challenges,user units/colleges are expected to budget for their local ICT services in liaison with DICTS for guidance,as well as seek DICTS indulgence before services are deployed. This way,DICTS will be empowered to better plan and manage ICT services across the University.


Many funded research projects in the University have an ICT budget to support the research. However,several project coordinators do not involve DICTS during the planning process of the project ICT requirements but only contact DICTS for hosting services without realizing that this adds to the cost of managing University ICT services in terms of storage space,internet requirements as well as managing the various project-based domains.It should be noted that during the budgeting process of University ICT services,project based ICT requirements,are not catered for.Research project coordinators,are therefore advised to involve DICTS in the ICT planning and budgeting process of their project if they require ICT Support services from DICTS.

Kindest Regards,Mugabi Samuel

End-User Support Manager DICTS