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Computer is Slow? Fix it and Make it Faster! Improve the Computers Internet Performance.

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My Computer is slow on the Internet and just slow overall.

It is often a misconception that purchasing a faster Internet will speed up your computer. Hooking your computer to a fast connection does not make the performance of the computer any faster. In fact, if your computer is slow it make your Internet connection seem slower.

Most common issues that can cause a slow computer:

  • Low Disk Space
  • Disk Fragmentation
  • Low Memory
  • Viruses, Mal-ware or Spy-ware
  • Firewall / Antivirus protection issues

Microsoft has put together a great and easy to follow page on How to Make your Computer Faster that covers all of the issues above. Their suggestions can make a dramatic difference in the speed of the computer. If it turns out that the speed of the computer was the only issue, this may fix the problem. Make sure everything checks out.

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