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Symptoms of Hard Disk Failure and How to Implement Data Security

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This article looks into the symptoms of disk drive failure and data security strategies at home. It covers the following subtopics:

  • The mechanical disk drive
  • Life expectancy of disk drive
  • Signs of disk failure
  • How to implement data security
  • Inside the mechanical hard disk drive
  • Inside the mechanical hard disk drive
  • The Mechanical Hard Disk Drive

For those that don’t know, the precious data in your computer is stored in secondary storage devices i.e. disk drives, external disk drives, optical discs and SD cards.

The data in these storage devices will not last forever because every single one of the devices is designed to die one day. You do not want them to take their final rest with your data.

For example, the hard disk drive, which is still the most popular internal storage device, is mechanical by design.

A hard disk drive is made up of moving mechanical components like motor, platters and read/write heads which rotate at extremely high speeds. Every one of these components is prone to failure of some kind if one of the other stops functioning or operates erroneously.

Gradual wear and external forces like sudden power outages, extreme heat, wear of magnetic coating and excessive vibration due to drops can bring the mechanical operation of a hard disk to a sudden failure.

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