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WiFi Works but Ethernet Doesn't - What Should I do?

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By Arthur Moses Opio

It normally occurs to many computing devices. You could be wondering why your Ethernet doesn't work yet WiFi does. There are many reasons that could lead to such an anomaly.

  • Operating systems (OS) normally give priority to Ethernet when the patch code has been plugged in however there are instances where the OS gives priority to WiFi (case in point Windows 10).
  • To find out if Ethernet is working, it will demand for you to turn off WiFi.
  • Other reasons why Ethernet won't work is because the network card is malfunctioning or the patch code is malfunctioning, this will necessitate you to change cables to rule out if the problem is just the cable or the card

If the above don't work, we do encourage you to visit a professional or come to DICTS so that we can diagonize and thereafter advise.


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