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Display of Email in the New Mailing Interface

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Some users are not pleased with the way emails are displayed in the new interface and have reported some of their emails as "lost".The new web mail interface offers two options of email display.The “List” and the “Thread" views and users can choose between the two options based on their display preferences.

The "List" view is straight forward; emails are listed based on date or file size filters and are independent of email subject lines.Ideally,the latest (based on date) email will appear at the top of the entire email list and this is the view that most users are familiar with and was used on the old mailing interface.

The "Thread" view groups emails based on “Email Subject line”. If an email was sent out on Friday the 29th/01/2016 and a user responded to it 2 days later without altering the subject-line ,the email will appear below the initial email sent and not at the top of the entire email list and this forms a thread of emails. This is somewhat confusing to some users who report emails as being “lost” especially if they are not familiar with this view option. Therefore, if a user is having difficulty locating emails with this view, they should switch to the basic List view by clicking the option shown in the attached document.