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FAQs for Email Migration

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By End User Support Team

What is Email Migration All About?

For several years, Makerere University's email identity service has been a multiple domain based email service. The email identity was based on faculty, school, and institute. However, due to transitions to the collegiate system, the email Identity as well evolved to reflect the new collegiate based system. Due to technology service demands for effective service delivery & management plus benchmarks with similar international institutions, it has been desirable for Makerere's email identity to evolve to top-level * for various purposes.
It should be noted that in 2013, DICTS in its proposal “Online Identity for New Colleges” proposed to change all Makerere emails to a top-level domain. The email identity migration to the top-level domain (TLD) * however, is an involving change project.

Where can I get the resources showing me How To Migrate

These Youtube video Links show you how you can migrate your emails. 

Why should I Migrate?

Due to technology service demands for effective service delivery & management plus benchmarks with similar international institutions, it has been desirable for Makerere's email identity to evolve to top-level * for various purposes.

What will happen to my Old Webmail Account?

As soon as you complete the migration procedure, you will not be able to log into your Old webmail account. All existing emails in your old account will be immediately moved to your new email ( Please note that the process of moving your emails might go on throughout the next 24hrs depending on the size of content in your old account/mailbox. Any email that will be sent to your old webmail account after you have migrated will be automatically forwarded to your new webmail account (

What if i do not want to migrate my email!

All unmigrated emails by 30/04/2021 will be deactivated. Please note that deactivated emails can still be migrated to the new ( account. If you get caught up by the deadline, migrate your Old webmail account to regain access to webmail services.

What are the Advantages of Migrating?

  • Creation of a future-proof email addressing system. When a unit name changes, there will be no need to change all email addresses of staff or students to reflect this change
  • Improve protection and security of the emails
  • This will result in centralized email management that makes it easier to integrate with centralized authentication
  • No more long email addresses resulting from both the domain name as well as the unique identifier. For example, compare with
  • Realize and achieve greater technological advancements like Single Sign On(SSO)

What are the disadvantages?

It may be harder to infer a person’s affiliation in terms of the unit by just looking at their email address. But this can be addressed by directory services that provide up to-date information about people

Won’t we lose our signing in especially on MUELE and other EMAILS?

You will be able to sign into your emails using the same password. Your MUELE will not be affected.
What happens when I have more than one Makerere domain account?

You will be required to migrate only one. People are discouraged from having two accounts. The other accounts will be pointed to the new top level domain, so that whatever email you get sent to the other account, it will be received in the new top level domain

The error says, my webmail domain is not schedule yet, read communication from DICTS regarding webmail Migration, what do I do?
You have to wait for the schedule time for your migration. The system will not allow an email that isn’t in the schedule to be able to migrate.

My migration says “Sync could not start”?

This could be due to a connectivity issue or your password

What is expected of me before migration?

You are expected to have read the FAQs, to have all the necessary things like your current email address and to also have backed up your emails using an email client like OUTLOOK, or if you use google, they are already popped there.

I can’t receive email on my outlook, what should I do?
You will be required to go to Account settings and reconfigure the email account.
This video guide can help you 
When I migrate an Office account like , it brings me instead of
The problem is that you are migrating a non personal account using the personal account parameters. Always click office to migrate the non-personal accounts

If I delete emails from the Makerere Account, Are they affected in Gmail?

No, they aren't affected because the server would have already transferred emails to the Gmail account, you will continue to see your emails.