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Keep the number of e-mails in your mailbox to a bare minimum

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Email is a very important aspect in the line of communication and also of storing data. But with the strained resources in an environment like in Makerere, it would be good to find ways around it. There are users who want to keep old mail for a very long time and as DICTS we encourage many to POP their mail to GMAIL or any other email platform they prefer to use. Otherwise even if you are using a mail client like outlook, it is important to delete mail you deem not necessary but if there are important attachments you think you will need to refer too, it is good to have a storage facility which we most likely would recommend the cloud services offered by DROP BOX, GOOGLE DRIVE, ONE DRIVE etc

Some people keep all their mail, going back years. Think when you last had to refer to a mail that was over a year old. It's very quick and easy to delete old mail that's been sitting in your mailbox for ages. If your mailbox is full, you will not be able to send or receive mail until you reduce the size of your mail box. If you exceed the space, the mails will be sent back to the sender and you will not be able to receive mails so Remember to follow the below steps once you have carried out for backup.

  1. Empty your Junk Mail folder.
  2. Empty your Trash or Deleted Items folder.
  3. Delete messages with large attachments.
  4. Eliminate unwanted Sent Messages.
  5. Delete unused folders.
  6. Archive older messages.
  7. Save desired attachments to local drive or network shared drive.
  8. Use auto-archive to move or delete files based on age.

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