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Never leave an e-mail account unattended if it is logged in

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If you leave your desk, log out or lock your computer. Desktop computers and other devices logged into email accounts must not be left unlocked and unattended in a way that risks access by an unauthorised user.
Unattended logged in computers create easy opportunities for unauthorised access to information and misuse of email accounts, such as sending of bogus email messages purporting to come from the genuine account holder.
Computers and other equipment such as smartphones must never be left unattended and unlocked when logged into accounts. Before being left unattended they should be logged out or locked.

If you have configured your personal email accounts in your mobile application

  1. Keep your password to your Mobile/Tablet.
  2. Even if it is logged in, lock the computer or put a password-protected screen saver so that it prevents unauthorized access to your e-mail account.
  3. Keep strong password to your mobile to avoid unauthorised access.