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5 Reasons Linux Is Now a Great Option for Anyone

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With the rise of cloud services, more of us are now encountering Linux at work. People know it’s great for developers and does a good job of keeping the internet up and running — but why would anyone want to use Linux at home?

At best, mentioning you run Linux might make people think you’re a hacker. More than likely, they might think you’re a bit weird. At least that’s how it is in the much of the U.S., where Windows is king and macOS is the only other option most people know exist.

But Linux is a great desktop operating system, and I don’t mean only for power users. I would give my parents a PC running Linux with much more peace of mind than one running Windows. One I know they can figure out without breaking anything or getting into trouble. The other? Not so much.
If you know how to use a smartphone or tablet, then you can use Linux. Here are a few reasons why.

1. What You Need Is in an App Store

On a mobile device, you get all of your software from an app store. The same is true on Linux. You may be surprised to know that Linux operating system have been distributing software this way long before smartphones even hit the scene! 

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