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Bing for Answers to Coding Problems

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How to Use Microsoft Bing for Answers to Coding Problems

Pre-written code snippets can be like little building blocks that help you meet programming deadlines, especially when those code snippets are modular and abstract

The Code Sample Answer feature in Microsoft Bing is a search aid that helps you find the exact piece of code for your needs.

How to Use Code Sample Answers in Microsoft Bing

Type your programming query in Bing’s search box. The search engine’s advanced algorithm will extract the code snippet (if available) from any indexed article, forum discussion, or online documentation. The answer is displayed in the search result with a link to the source article.

Bing Code Search

Bing uses natural language processing and is smart enough to differentiate between a code query and a non-code query. The Bing blog also says that this search feature works for languages outside of the Microsoft family. So, do try it out for any languages you are working with.

You cannot use Google to find direct answers to your code queries yet. DuckDuckGo can return a code snippet embedded in the search results, but I’m not sure about the scope and limitations of DuckDuckGo’s own feature.

There are many code snippers sites on the web. Even then, Microsoft Bing gives developers and those learning to code another way to find code samples and re-use them in their own programming projects.


Saikat Basu, September 26, 2018