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9 Podcasts to Increase Your Online Security Awareness

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Digital security can sometimes feel like a minefield of jargon, technical content, and time consuming tasks. Online security courses and YouTube videos are a great way to learn more about the field, but it can be difficult to carve out the time to sit down and watch large chunks of content.

The answer to the conundrum is security podcasts. The podcast is currently experiencing something of a golden era, with shows for almost every interest and hobby readily available on a multitude of platforms. The best part? Most podcasts are completely free.

Being security-minded you may wonder why you should trust a completely free podcast. In a crowded and fast-paced industry, podcasts allow security researchers, analysts, and journalists to build a profile for themselves. For other hosts it allows them some time away from the intensity of the day job to indulge in their passion.

Fortunately for you, that means that there is a lot of truly excellent security-focused content out there, just waiting for you to receive it.

1. The Cyberwire Daily Podcast

The Cyberwire Daily Podcast comes from the security analysts at Cyberwire. Hosted by their own Dave Bittner, a new 15 minute podcast is released every weekday covering the latest cybersecurity news. As an added bonus most episodes feature a short interview with industry experts on a broader security topic.

A reliable, daily podcast is invaluable when the latest inevitable cybersecurity epidemic hits — such was the case during the WannaCry outbreak. Mainstream media coverage of the outbreak was patchy and inaccurate at best. The Cyberwire daily shows are a great place to catch up on the latest news without having to battle through all the gossip, untruths, and inaccuracies.

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