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Be extremely careful with online file sharing softwares

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With the recent DROP BOX scare where millions of passwords were stolen, we need to be strategic and know what to do when it comes to the file sharing tools. There are risks that come with file sharing especially if it is sensitive information that doesn't need to just be put up any where and accessed anytime. Measures must be put in place and the security must be guaranteed.

Hackers are always on the move and they are evolving in very many ways to steal information for whatever purpose they have.

Here are the risks of sharing files

The Risks:

  • Inadvertently allowing viruses on to your computer - from both websites and peer-to-peer file-sharing programs.
  • Inadvertently installing adware that enables annoying popup advertisements.
  • Installing spyware that enables criminals to obtain private information for financial gain or identity theft.
  • Having your firewall breached, especially when using peer-to-peer file-sharing programs.
  • Downloading offensive/illegal material or viruses disguised as something else.
  • Breaching copyright. Although downloading free music, videos and software could be tempting, it is illegal to pirate material that is under copyright.

Safe Peer-to-Peer File Sharing:

  • If you must use file-sharing software, make sure you choose safe software, install it safely and use it properly.
  • Install file sharing applications only when you have effective and updated antivirus/antispyware software and firewall running.
  • Consider paying for a premium version that is not funded by advertising, to reduce the risk of adware being installed.
  • Download software only from manufacturers’ or authorised resellers’ websites.
  • Don't let people browse your files directly, and configure the program carefully so that you only share the files you want to and keep the rest of your files and personal information private. This avoids sharing your emails, photos, financial information or work files with complete strangers.
  • Don't share material that is under copyright.
  • File sharing is used to share computer data or space with others on a network. It allows multiple users to copy, read, and modify the same file.