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Creating strong passwords: why it’s vital and how to do it

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By Carole Theriault

Have you been pwned? Creating strong passwords: why it’s vital and how to do it.

Infosec researcher Troy Hunt has revealed last week that 773 million email addresses have been shared in a “a popular hacker forum” – along with a very large number of plain text passwords.
This seems to be a collection of data breaches over the course of many years, but doesn’t change the fact, that the passwords might be still in usage. So it’s the right time to change your password.

Why it’s vital?
Passwords continue to be a fundamental element in the process of authorizing access to a user.

Be the account a simple online forum account about a particular interest, or one that allows you to access and manage your personal finances or tax records, passwords play an intrinsic part.

Learning how to create a strong password and thinking carefully about how to manage them is key to better security. Understanding and following best practice password management means your accounts are intrinsically harder to crack.

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