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New malware mine cryptocurrency without open browser session

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Initially, The Cryptomining Malware Aimed At Generating Cryptocurrency Using Open Browser Session But That Has Now Changed.
Cryptomining has become the latest fad among malware developers probably because it ensures quick money without much ado. That’s because cryptominer infects a computer and uses its resources to mine for the desired cryptocurrency. So, what happens is that at someone else’s expense hackers manage to make millions of dollars.

According to the findings of the IT security researchers at CheckPoint, attacks involving cryptomining using the XMRig malware are increasing at a steady pace. The findings were revealed in the company’s latest Most Wanted Malware report for the month of March.

Rig EK ‘exploit kit’ was reported to be the second favorite mining tool for hackers with 17% score followed by Cryptoloot. While the most popular cryptocurrency that hackers prefer to mine is Coinhive, which has affected 18% of organizations worldwide so far.

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