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Securing Your Kids

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This presentation is designed to help parents better understand how to protect their kids online. We cover the top three risks kids face online (outlined below) and the top five steps you can take to protect them. This presentation is based on the experiences and lessons learned from a variety of SANS top instructors who not only specialize in security, but are parents just like you.

Strangers / Criminals

These are individuals who establish online relationships with your children in order to take advantage of them. Once they gain the trust of a child, they may ask for pictures, information or even to meet in person.


These are people your children already know, and are often other kids at school. Friends can pose a serious threat as online bullies. Remember that bullying no longer means just physical confrontation. Cyberbullying can be far more abusive, as you may not know who the bully is and their attacks can be both more aggressive and very public.


In today’s world of social networking children can be their own worst enemy. Anything they post is accessible not only to the entire world, but once posted may also be difficult or even impossible to remove. Your children may not realize how these postings can impact their future.

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