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WINDOWS The Easiest Way to Control a Friend’s PC in Windows 10

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Connecting to a PC across the room or across the world is trivial thanks to screen-sharing software and remote desktop tools like TeamViewer.

However, did you know that there’s a native Windows 10 feature that can do this? It’s been around since the Anniversary Update, and it’s called Quick Assist. You can open it by searching for Quick Assist in the Start Menu.

Once opened, you’ll see two options: Get assistance and Give assistance. If you’re the one providing help, you’ll obviously want to click Give assistance. Then, sign in with your Microsoft account and you’ll see a short security code. This lasts for 10 minutes, and you’ll need to call, email, or otherwise message the code to the person you’re trying to help.

Have them click Get Assistance in the Quick Assist menu, and enter the code you’ve provided. Then they’ll have to accept the notice, allowing you to control their PC. After this, you can control the remote computer completely. You aren’t restricted from making system changes as long as the account you’re controlling is an administrator. Read more [source]