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How to Fix Rundll

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What is Rundll32.exe and what is it doing on MY COMPUTER?

Rundll32.exe is a legitimate Windows file that is repsonsible for placing DLL files into memory. A DLL file is a resource that is shared by several different programs at one time. If Rundll32.exe does not make these DLL files available in system memory (RAM) then many programs and possibly even Windows itself could lose functionality or stop functioning entirely! Normally, Rundll32.exe never has any problems, but that's why we're here.

Why is Rundll32.exe showing error messages?

There are literally thousands of reasons you may be receiving a rundll32 error. These range from having a corrupt rundll32.exe, to issues with the program rundll32.exe is attempting to launch, to viruses and malware, to windows issues. The spectrum of potential problems causing this error is enormous, and it proves very challenging for even the best tech experts to manually repair this error.
Typically, when Rundll32 starts giving errors, it is because of a particular application that failed to install or uninstall correctly. However, it can also become missing or be corrupted by malware. Due to the varying causes of Rundll32 errors, it's difficult to determine where best to start finding a solution to the problem. We have compiled a comprehensive guide to manually fixing Rundll32.exe errors, but it should be noted that the guide needs to be followed precisely to avoid harm to your computer, and while we try to provide instruction to fix most issues, we cannot guarantee your success. For these reasons, we recommend safe, automated tools to fix the problem.

How to Easily Fix Rundll Problems
Finding the source of rundll32 errors manually can prove to be an exhausting and time consuming task. Thankfully, although the problems they cause can be very hard to track down and painful to fix manually, the issues your system has that are causing the errors are very easily repaired when you have the right tool. This Tool  SlimCleaner Plus.  is recommended but it is not free, open source solutions are being explored.