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How to Hide Virtually Anything on Your Mac: A Productivity Guide

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As awesome as your Mac is, not all of its features play well with your personal workflow. Some prove distracting, while some might not work as you want them to. Then there are those that you don’t want, need, or use.

Sure, you can go to the extreme of disabling or uninstalling every last feature you want to get rid of, but that’s time consuming. Till you can get around to it, why not hide all evidence of those features?

Let’s go through every corner of your Mac and see how you can hide all of the stuff you don’t need.

The Dashboard
Your Mac’s Dashboard need not be a complete write-off, but if it isn’t working for you, hide it from System Preferences > Mission Control. You’ll have to click on the Dashboard drop-down menu and select the Off option within it. If you want to hide macOS’s Dashboard, but wish it were less obtrusive, pick the As Overlay option instead.

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