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Install AVG Free Antivirus On Ubuntu

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Why would I use Antivirus in a Linux system?
Some of you may be wonder why would we install an Antivirus while Linux is a virus free operating system. Well, let me give you some reasons why it is some important to use an antivirus for Linux OS’s.

  • Linux is Virus free, right? But, not as secure as you think in some cases. There are so few virus programs available to infect a Linux system, but they might do only minor issues, and don’t any harmful or serious damage to the Linux system as like in a Windows or other operating system.
  • You may have chance to copy some files/folders from a net-cafe system, and want to use them in your home Linux computer. In this case, your home computer installed with Linux OS might be attacked by the viruses which you copied from the net-cafe system along with some files.
  • Still, many people use Windows OS for some reasons, like gaming. In such cases, if you have dual boot(Windows & Linux), It is advisable to use an antivirus program in your Linux system. Prevention is better than cure, right?
  • If your Linux server acts like a central file server or something else in your home or organization network and connected with many different kind of computers(Linux, WIndows, Mac OS X etc.), then It is also recommended to use antivirus to prevent the unwanted virus issues.

Install AVG Free Antivirus On Linux
Download the latest edition depending upon your distribution from the free AVG download page.

Go to the download location and enter the following commands to install AVG Free edition. Be mindful that all commands should be run with root user privileges. I tested this article on Ubuntu 14.04, and also, I have included the installation steps for other distributions too.

To see the way forward of installing see this link