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Makerere University Certificate Authority

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Certificate Authority Overview

Makerere University Certificate Authority

A Certificate Authority (CA) is one of the major components of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) which provides the means to digitally sign or encrypt communications between two parties. A CA acts as a trusted third party which verifies a person or server is who they claim to be. Once an entity is verified by the CA a Public Key Certificate (PKC) is created which is used to provide the encryption.

In order for web browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer to trust a Certificate Authority they must have its root certificate installed into their certificate database. Following these instructions will allow you to install the root certificate for UWO's Certificate Authority into your web browser. Once completed you will be able to seamlessly connect to web servers which use UWO's Certificate Authority to provide secure connections.

The Makerere University (Mak) Certificate Authority (CA) issues digital certificates for Mak services and web sites. By installing the MAK CA root certificate in your web browser, you will be able to visit and use secure Mak Web sites with certificates issued by the Mak CA without being confronted with warning messages from your browser.

MAK-PKI (Makerere University Public Key Infrastructure). This means that MAK-PKI produces and maintains X.509 certificates. These Certificates can be used for secure web services, e-mail and servers.

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