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Twitter Makes It Easier to Save and Share Tweets

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Twitter has launched new tools that make it much easier to save and share tweets. Saving tweets is getting a whole lot easier thanks to a new feature called Bookmarks, and a new Share option attached to every tweet means sharing is easier than ever.

In November 2017, Twitter started testing a new feature dubbed Bookmarks. This was in response to multiple requests from users who were sick of having to Like or DM a tweet to themselves in order to save it for later. And now, three months on, Bookmarks is official.

How to Use Twitter Bookmarks
Bookmarks is essentially a way for you to save tweets to access later. Maybe you’re busy and don’t have time to respond, or maybe the tweet is the start of a thread you want to read in full. Whatever the reason, Bookmarks lets you save it for later.

To save a tweet just click on the Share icon under a tweet and select “Add Tweet to Bookmarks”. Then, when you want to access it again later, just click on your profile and tap “Bookmarks” and it will be there waiting for you to lavish some attention on it.

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