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How To Reset Makerere Webmail Password

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Step 1:
Under Student Account, click the “Change/Recover my password” button
Step 2
Enter your university email address in the field provided
Click the “Send me a recovery token” button
Step 3
Login to your external email account and find the recovery token
Input the security token sent to your email into the field provided and click “Change Password
Step 4
Enter a new password in the field provided
Confirm the new password by re-entering it in the field provided
Click the “Update Webmail Account” button
NOTEMake sure that the new password meets the standard expected i.e. atleast 8 characters in length, atleast one uppercase and lower case letter, atleast one special character (e.g. #, @,$) and a number (e.g. 1, 2,3…)
Step 5When the above procedures are followed, a success message will be displayed and the new password has been saved