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ICT Best Practises - Install and maintain anti-virus software

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Viruses represent a significant threat to the security of University systems. Malware has been developed that can: record all keystrokes (usernames and passwords, institutional data, etc.) entered by a user, initiate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against sites on the Internet, and even inflict significant damage to the infected computer. Worms (similar to ILOVEYOU and Melissa) use e-mail quite effectively to carry their damaging payloads. To combat the threat of viruses, technicians should:

  • Install Sophos Antivirus software to protect servers and workstations. Download link
  • Install Sophos Corporate Edition in a managed installation to maintain better control over installed Sophos clients.
  • Install server-based anti-virus software to protect e-mail systems.
  • Update virus pattern files daily or schedule automatic updates to get new patterns when they are released.

Warning: Out-of-date anti-virus software will not protect your computer from new viruses.