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New Guidelines For Connecting To MAKAIR

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By Nsanzimana Gilbert
Step #1Find MAKAIR in the available Wi-Fi networks and attempt connecting to it. Instead of the previous single step password requirement, you will see a screen as shown below. Click on the drop-down menu button as shown to get the desired option..
Step #2: Select “Don’t validate”
Step #3:
  • Under “Identity” provide your university email address 
  • Skip (Leave empty) “Anonymous Identity” 
  • Under “Password” provide your webmail password
  • Click “Connect”
After this step, a connection to MAKAIR should be established.
Step #1: Under the available Wi-Fi networks, find MAKAIR

Provide your university email address as the “username”.

Step #2: Enter your webmail password as the “Password”
Step #3: Click “Connect” to continue
After the above step, you should now be connected to MAKAIR